AMP2 [Advanced Music&Media Pool Palermo]

AMP2 [Advanced Music&Media Pool Palermo]
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AMP2 has been a lab founded in 2007 in Palermo by Domenico Sciajno active until 2010, aiming at conveying the creative spirit of artists whose aesthetics does not focus on conventional styles, codes, or genres.
AMP2 has been conducting a continuous and thorough work, alongside to AntiTesi, collaborating with other Italian and international artists such as Peter Kutin, Tim Hodgkinson, Anthony Pateras, Sean Baxter, Dave Brown, Francisco Lopez, Kim Cascone, and taking part to festivals and concert series like Live!iXem and Velak Gala, Quiet Cue, Sonntags Abstrakt.

Music and sound, but also video, image, dance, writing, and so on. The main idea of this project consisted on showing the artist's willingness to leave apart the idioms and preconceived codes of their disciplines to embrace a new language, made up of contextual emergences and deep listening, shared by all artists.

domenica 6 giugno 2010

New Release for Die Shachtel

AMP2 - "Hopeful Monster"

The biologist Richard Goldschmidt introduced the term "hopeful monster" to indicate an individual of a species showing a relevant mutation in its genes. This mutation makes the individual a "monster", as it differs from all the other  individuals of his species. But, at the same time, it is "hopeful", as it can lead to a radical discontinuity in the otherwise continuous evolution of the species. Our "Hopeful Monster" presents five excerpts from two long, radically improvised, sessions, where no previous structures of any kind were planned. Indeed, improvisation often tends to be shaped as a sort of continuous, slowly evolving flow. But, from time to time, a mutation happens, leading to unprevisible results. The tracks on the album present five of these hopeful monsters.

In "Hopeful Monster", AMP2 is:
Gandolfo Pagano: Prepared Guitar, Electronics
Dario Sanfilippo: Laptop/Live Electronics - Feedback Network Based Nonlinear DSP System
Domenico Sciajno: Laptop/Live Electronics - Max/MSP Programming
Antonino Secchia: Percussion Set
Andrea Valle: Rumentarium, a SuperCollider-Driven Electro-mechanical Percussion Set

martedì 17 novembre 2009

New Release for Bowindo!


AMP2 +Tim Hodgkinson

catalogue Nr: BW13
label : Bowindo Recordings

... We faced each other around a large table in Gandolfo's luminous flat. It felt like a group of scientists at a conference. Until we started playing. The sessions were hard and long. Sometimes with saturated and wrenching sound. Then we walked to restaurants along streets of collapsing buildings with strange transient sculptures of torn cloth.
The result is for me I hear: being able to move around inside the music... the components without clean finalised surfaces. But aureoled with possibility...the importance of quiet or marginal aspects of sounds in contexts where one might imagine that only big gestures would work...the zoom and shift in the ear's range here (Tim Hodgkinson, nov 2009).

AMP2 +Tim Hodgkinson 
Intelligent Sofa 07:56
Mr. Mamontov  09:02
Rolling 04:45
Hoop scorn 09:39
Silt omen 03:47
The fish and dagger 08:06
Claw paste 03:24
Total duration 47:10

catalogue Nr: BW13
label : Bowindo Recordings

AMP2 [Advanced Music and Mixed Media Pool Palermo] core unit is:
Dario Sanfilippo - Laptop/Live Electronics
Marco Pianges: Laptop
Antonino Secchia: Percussion
Gandolfo Pagano: prepared guitar
Domenico Sciajno: Laptop/Live Electronics
Special guest
Tim Hodgkinson: Lapsteel guitar, electronics, clarinets

Recorded 26-27 apr 2009 at AMP2 Studio - Palermo
by Antonino Secchia
Mixed and Mastered by Dario Sanfilippo
Preliminary editing by AMP2
Edited by Domenico Sciajno

Photo cover by Enrica Di Gangi
Artwork by Gandolfo Pagano

giovedì 18 dicembre 2008

AMP2 Live @ Live!iXem 2008

Il Live!iXem 2008 festival di musica e arti elettroniche sperimentali, e giunge alla sua V edizione senza abdicare alla propria vocazione di sponda creativa della ricerca più avanzata.
Unico Festival, per tipologia e metodo, dedicato su territorio nazionale a tutti quegli artisti italiani che si cimentano nell’utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie applicate alle arti, con particolare attenzione al rapporto tra suono ed immagini.
A conferma dell’importante lavoro svolto da ANTITESI con il progetto iXem sul territorio nazionale, il Live!iXem continua il suo “viaggio” attraverso l’osservazione, la promozione e la divulgazione di opere e attività musicali e artistiche sperimentali legate all’universo tecnologico e alla ricerca nel campo dell’elettronica.
Assumendo di anno in anno forme e strutture sempre nuove, il Live!iXem si evolve e si rinnova reinterpretandosi anche come moltiplicatore di relazioni sociali e di scambi culturali ed artistici internazionali.
In questa ottica l'edizione 2008 del Live!iXem aprirà finestra sui giovani della scena sperimentale/elettroacustica ed interdisciplinare siciliana con particolare attenzione al collettivo AMP2.

Mercoledì 19 nov. Ore 21.30 – Malausséne – Piazzetta Resuttano 4

Ingresso gratuito
Collettivo AMP2 + SECRET GUESTS Live performances

Venerdì 21 nov. Ore 21.30 – ASK 191 – Viale Strasburgo 191
Ingresso gratuito fino alle 21.30. Poi € 3.
SonoRoom Live sets con Marco Pianges, Dario Sanfilippo, Oreinoi e Gandolfo Pagano.
DanceFlor DJ sets con la partecipazione tra gli altri di Ajno [minimal <+/-> techno | dubstep].

Sabato 22 nov. Ore 21.30 – ASK 191 – Viale Strasburgo 191
Ingresso gratuito fino alle 21.30. Poi € 3.
SonoRoom Live sets con Antonino Secchia e Dario Sanfilippo, Talachtis, Matjas Manceck e Raffaella Piccolo, Il cielo di Baghdad.
DanceFloor DJ sets con D.M.D. Death Modern Dance, Long Gamma Tool (dj) e Gianluca Scuderi, Ajno.